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My hope is that I can share insight and ideas with areas that your are interested in. I ask for nothing in return but to consider me as a possible business partner in your future ventures.

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  • Buying your first successful investment property 1200 miles away, unseen.

  • Why Sertraline (Zoloft) is the preferred SSRI antidepressant for elderly adults

  • Hormone Therapy for MFTs

  • The endless history of Pharmacies in San Jose.

  • Compounding Intravenous Banana Bags for yourself after a nasty hangover.

  • How to deal with your tenant flooding the entire building and preserving your business.

  • How to deal with a drug overdose, like someone ingesting 30 tablets of Wellbutrin.

  • Treatment Modalities in Schizophrenia

  • Underwriting real estate investment models on excel

  • Understanding Provider Harassment and what to do about it

  • Entrepreneurial Mobility in Healthcare Ventures

  • Why Bitcoin has more property rights than anything else.

  • Dealing with your tenant burning down your investment property

  • Qualities to discern for hiring Health Care Providers and Technicians

  • Understanding which medications work best for YOU.

  • How to not get fucked over on drug pricing (Pharmacy Owner or Consumer)

  • Starting your own Pharmacy venture with little to no capital.

  • Where the money is at, in Pharmacy.

  • The best way to Acquire or Dispose a Healthcare Business

  • Achieving Pharma customers (Individual Customers, Small Enterprises, Large Enterprises)

  • Reducing your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and fixed expenses

  • Outsourcing your tedious data entry and Pharmacy claim submission to competent staff overseas

  • How similar a Marijuana Dispensary is to a Licensed Pharmacy

  • Compounding custom prescription suppositories for an Elephant

  • How to confidently and accurately dispense 1000 prescriptions in six hours (yes you read that right)

  • Acquiring automatic Robotic Dispensing Machines (Pharma) for the best price and lowest maintenance cost

  • Medicaid, Medicare, 3rd Party, Commercial Claim Submissions (Medical and Pharma)

  • How to get your medications paid for, if you do not have money.

  • Discerning Talent in Healthcare

  • Creating a payment collection cycle and getting the terms 

  • Conducting Due-Diligence in anything Business or Real Estate.

  • Drug Rate Negotiations

  • Getting access to limited distribution and specialty medications, not normally accessible

  • Why you should wear gloves when you're vaping nicotine.

  • Smoking Cessation and how it affects Psychiatric Medications

  • The economy of Street and Designer Drugs

  • Creating your own Mental Health Pilot Program and having someone pay for it

  • Establishing your own Pharmacy Benefits Management Network

  • What are PATCHES and why do they pay $10,000 per month?

  • Dealing with a zillion legal matters as a Business Owner

  • Going about Product Liability exposure and reducing it.

  • Mental Health Resources for the busy Entrepreneur

  • Where the best bagels are in San Jose

  • How to get around refilling printers with annoying proprietary ink cartridges.

  • Why buying a pallet of printer paper is not a good idea

  • or anything in-between

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